loading ramps


Max. loading capacity per pair: 10.000 kg

The strongest and most robust ramps in this range are suitable for the movement of machinery with heavy loads used in various sectors, from agriculture to gardening and construction to earthmoving, such as tractors, excavators, bulldozers and aerial platforms. They are also particularly suitable for loading and unloading containers. Available in various widths and with different types of head connections, they are particularly valued by manufacturers of heavy trailers as they are perfectly suited to their needs. The range is made with raised edges, without raised edges, with only one raised edge and the product is supplied with the required anchoring chains. Upon request, the range without raised edges can be supplied with a vulcanised rubber covering for the specific handling of compactor rollers and vehicles with steel tracks.

Product Sectors:


Head Types

Standard Head (L)
Standard Head (L)
Head with hook (G) (on request)
Head with hook (G) (on request)
Head with support (A) (on request)
Head with support (A) (on request)
Head with tube (T) (on request)
Head with tube (T) (on request)
Item codeLoading capacity per pair kg
Model with raised edges without raised edges Wheelbase 1000 mm Wheelbase 1500 mm Wheelbase 2000 mm Standard length mm Length with head type "2" mm Length with head type "3" mm Length with head type "4" mm Weight per pair kg
M170/25MM171BL.51.25 MM171SL.51.2596001000010000250024502336240076

Minimum width of the wheel or track 200 mm. Maximum width of the wheel or track 430 mm.
The range is available with only one raised edge.

Anchoring Systems

Carabiner clip with steel chain (standard):

The steel chain must be hooked using the carabiner clip supplied to the loading bed, and must be inserted into the appropriate attachment system provided under the ramp’s driving surface.

Steel pin (on request):

A galvanised steel pin with a diameter of 14v mm and a 24-mm-diameter head can be inserted through the holes in the standard head connection of the ramp and the loading bed.

Handling Systems

Nylon handles (on request):

The product can be supplied with robust nylon handles to facilitate handling. Available in lengths of 30 cm and 60 cm, according to the model of the product selected. Recommended nylon handles for manual handling: 4 pcs each ramp. Recommended nylon handles for handling by lifting equipment: 2 pcs minimum each ramp.