Quality Policy

Metalmec has always made quality one of the strategic points of its policy. Since 1997, the company has developed a Quality Management System in compliance with the requirements of mandatory legislation. This commitment, which evolves and is renewed from day to day, is guaranteed by the contribution of all the people who work in the various areas of the organisation and is constantly subjected to checks and audits so that it always remains an effective tool for improvement, to the benefit of its Customers and all those who in various ways interface with the company.

To achieve the objectives, Metalmec intends to:

  • commit to satisfying Customer needs, the requirements of the reference standard and the applicable mandatory aspects;
  • enhance and optimise its Quality Management System;
  • meet Customer needs, identifying the most appropriate and cost-effective solutions for both, through the improvement of company skills;
  • consolidate the relationship with Suppliers that are reliable and sensitive to the qualitative needs of METALMEC and of our Customers;
  • keep its organisation flexible, so that it is able to identify the causes of problems, promptly adopting the measures necessary for their resolution;
  • engage in preserving, creating and perfecting the skills offered by its human and material resources.

The implementation of this Quality Policy is a daily duty and a challenge for all Metalmec employees, key players in achieving quality and implementing the requirements envisaged by the standard.


The effectiveness of the procedures adopted and of the organisation that underpins them has led to the certification of the Quality Management System in compliance with the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard. The certification body adopted is recognised by Accredia and Dakks and is among the international leaders in the sector, thanks to its presence in more than 60 countries and its extensive history in the certification field. These pre-requisites constitute the best guarantee for the market of the constant quality of the products and services offered by Metalmec.