Loading ramps


Max. loading capacity per pair: 2.900 Kg

This range has been designed to provide maximum loading capacity alongside a very thin profile. The unique holes in the aluminium profile give the ramp both outstanding grip and the ability to easily drain troublesome elements such as water, mud and snow. Thanks to the option of mounting different types of head connections, these ramps lend themselves to various fields of use, from agriculture to construction, logistics to vehicle recovery applications. The range is made without raised edges and the product is supplied with the required anchoring tabs. To optimise transport, this range of ramps can be supplied as the hinged, folding version. Users who do not want any inconsistency in slope between the bottom end of the ramp and the ramp's working surface can request that the product be supplied with a C040F-type end, which addresses this issue.

Product Sectors:


Head Types

Standard Head (L)
Standard Head (L)
Head with hook (G) (on request)
Head with hook (G) (on request)
Head with support (A) (on request)
Head with support (A) (on request)
Head with tube (T) (on request)
Head with tube (T) (on request)
Loading capacity per pair kg
Model Item code Wheelbase 500 mm Wheelbase 750 mm Wheelbase 1000 mm Length mm External width B mm Weight per pair kg

Hinged version: 300 kg per pair for all M040B2 models

Anchoring Systems

Aluminium tab (standard):

The advantage of this anchoring system lies in the fact that the tab can be positioned along a large portion of the ramp's width, and can turn inside the head connection into which it has been inserted. The system comes with end caps for the head to prevent the tab disconnecting from the ramp during use.

Steel pin (on request):

A galvanised steel pin with a diameter of 14v mm and a 24-mm-diameter head can be inserted through the holes in the standard head connection of the ramp and the loading bed.

Handling Systems

Nylon handles (on request):

The product can be supplied with robust nylon handles to facilitate handling. Available in lengths of 30 cm and 60 cm, according to the model of the product selected. Recommended nylon handles for manual handling: 4 pcs each ramp. Recommended nylon handles for handling by lifting equipment: 2 pcs minimum each ramp.