tail lifts


Max. loading capacity: 4.800 Kg

This range of hinged tail lifts, with a thickness of 40 mm, comes with two types of fastening to fix the tail lift to the vehicle's loading bed: steel and aluminium. Made using robust extruded aluminium profiles that have a knurled, non-slip surface, they are particularly valued by manufacturers of transport vehicles and are ideally suited to loading and unloading goods using electric pallet trucks and forklift trucks.

Product Sectors:

Model Item code Max. loading capacity kg Length L mm Width B* mm Weight kg/m
MS040AL/565MM701S0.12.054800565From 1250 mm on request23
MS040AL/690MM701S0.12.064550690From 1250 mm on request27
MS040AL/815MM701S0.12.084250815From 1250 mm on request31
MS040AL/940MM701S0.12.093950940From 1250 mm on request35
MS040AL/1065MM701S0.12.1037001065From 1250 mm on request39
MS040AL/1190MM701S0.12.1134501190From 1250 mm on request43
MS040AL/1315MM701S0.12.1331501315From 1250 mm on request47
MS040AL/1565MM701S0.12.1527001565From 1250 mm on request55
MS040AL/1690MM701S0.12.1624001690From 1250 mm on request59
MS040AL/1815MM701S0.12.1821001815From 1250 mm on request63
MS040AL/2065MM701S0.12.2016002065From 1250 mm on request71

* Minimum: 1250 mm

Other dimensions available on reques