loading ramps


Max. loading capacity per pair: 7.500 kg

This range of short ramps has been designed for use in various product sectors, from logistics to construction. In the logistics sector, the short ramps are ideal for electric pallet truck or forklift users who need to overcome small differences in height (between 120 and 400 mm). With loading capacities of up to 7500 kg, they lend themselves perfectly to the loading and unloading of containers. Similarly, in the construction sector, the ramps are ideal for enabling light machinery with rubber wheels or tracks to overcome low-level obstacles. The range is only available without raised edges.

Product Sectors:

Model Item code Loading capacity per pair kg Length L mm External width B mm Height of ramp profile C mm Overall height of ramp D mm Min./max. loading height mm Weight per pair kg
M040B2/05SHFMM500SL.21.0512505002154055120 / 1506
M040B2/08SHFMM500SL.21.0812508002154055160 / 1808
M040B3/05SHFMM500SL.31.0520005003154055120 / 1508
M040B3/08SHFMM500SL.31.0820008003154055160 / 18012
M080/05SHMM500SL.30.0530005063008080120 / 15010
M080/08SHMM500SL.30.0830008103008080160 / 18013
M140/10SHMM501SL.51.1075001000510140140170 / 21029
M150/12SHMM501SL.51.1275001250510150150220 / 26038
M150/15SHMM501SL.51.1575001500510150150270 / 31044
M150/17SHMM501SL.51.1775001750510150150320 / 36050
M160/20SHMM501SL.51.2075002000510160160370 / 40060