wedge access ramps


Max. loading capacity: 430 Kg

This type of wedge access ramp, made with non-slip aluminium quintet tread plates welded together, allows wheelchair users to easily overcome small steps and door thresholds.
Its light weight and the slots on each side mean that the product can be quickly and easily moved to another position as required. The dimensions may vary according to specific needs.

Product Sectors:

Model Item code Loading capacity kg Length L* mm Width B* mm Min./max. height C** mm Weight kg
MBAC1MM560S0.10.05430500100010 / 7010
MBAC2MM560S0.10.06430650100071 / 12014

* Dimensions can be modified according to your load requirements. Please contact us for further details.

** Height C to be specified in your request for quotation/purchase order.